ABOUT US is the life insurance industry insider’s go-to resource for policy benchmarking, suitability confirmation, fiduciary level analysis and policy management.

We say, “the policy you own may not be the policy you purchased”, because insurance products are complicated financial instruments and legal contracts that require owners and fiduciaries to pay close attention to the details.

We are passionate about making life insurance a valuable asset by providing a framework for success. Our proven process will help you feel good about the policy your client owns OR help find a policy that will better meet their specifications.

The senior partners of our firm collectively have over 100 years’ experience with insurance carriers and contracts. We are nationally known client advocates and experts in policy construction, design, and management. We know what it takes to make every policy perform the way it was intended, and we have the industry insider’s power to make it happen.

Why Your Clients Policy Needs Regular Auditing

Clients may be overpaying OR may qualify for less expensive coverage

Life insurance products change and improve over time. Only a evaluation can uncover opportunities to make insurance more affordable.

Their coverage may not be suitable for their needs

Our suitability process helps your client align his or her goals with the policies they own or purchase.

Their policy is not performing according to plan

Illustrations are wrong from the moment your client receives them. can help your clients achieve the successful outcome they anticipated when the policy was purchased.

Newer products may offer better features

Life changes and your client’s insurance coverage should change with them. There may be newer features that more appropriately address your clients needs.

Many insurance carriers have raised their premium rates

Carriers such as Transamerica, Lincoln National, Voya, and Banner Life have instituted unprecedented and significant increases on inforce policy costs that could seriously impact your client’s policy. Other carriers could institute similar actions. Only a policy audit can uncover these problems before they are impossible to solve.

Clients may not understand all the benefits available to them

Life insurance contracts contain many benefits that your clients may be entitled to, but may not be aware of. can uncover these benefits and assist you with obtaining them.

The process will benefit you as an Advisor

Clients and Advisors work with our Accredited Policy Audit Consultants because they know the information they receive is unbiased, professional, reliable, and client-centered. Our audits are a success regardless of the outcome. Every audit uncovers opportunities to improve you clients financial result. Call us today to find out more about the opportunity.