Our family and business have been the beneficiaries of many policy audits for over 20 years. More than once, they have resulted in sizeable premium savings for us. Most recently, the team restructured my and my partner’s life insurance policies to more accurately reflect the current value of our business. This change saved us thousands in annual premium costs. Further, they identified a modification in another policy that lowered our yearly payments by $16,000 while retaining the same death benefit.

Arthur Milgrim
President, Eljay Foods LLC

“Our company has a complex insurance structure including three major trusts employing many life insurance policies with multiple carriers. The experts at Policyaudits.com brought clarity to the situation by analyzing each policy in detail and producing a summary report outlining all our options – I also learned more about my role as a trustee. Without their help and expertise, we could have been headed for substantial problems with significant financial impacts. These team members have all the qualities that I look for in business partners: trust, honesty, hard work, industry knowledge and great communication skills.”

Mark S. Baydarian
CFO, Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.

“The experts at Policyaudits.com are not only extremely responsive and always available, they get results we can’t find anywhere else. They identified new coverage at extremely favorable rates for a difficult-to-insure principal and that enabled us to recapture the full amount of cash value from an existing policy. We saved nearly $200,000 a year on premiums for the new coverage. The exchange was a real home run. Each member of the team is very detail-oriented, executes flawlessly, keeps us informed and works well with our auditors. It’s been an exceptional partnership.”

Senior Vice President
Accounting, International Media and Entertainment Company

“The Policyaudits.com experts straightened out a complicated situation related to tax deductions on our life insurance policies. A previous consultant’s bad advice had hurt us financially. The talented professionals at Policyaudits.com identified the problem, restructured the coverage and got us back on the right track. They really know what they’re doing and we wish we’d brought them in sooner.”

Steve Chestler
President, Cathy Daniels Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Policyaudits.com for the past five years and can state unequivocally that their services are outstanding. I am a fairly sophisticated participant in the life insurance arena, and from my experiences, there are no other insurance professionals performing audits at this level with such creativity and competency.
“Our coverage was diverse and required some very creative and strategic approaches – addressing certain health issues, structuring policies with specific financial benchmarks and evaluating offshore account options that passed my financial advisor’s strict scrutiny. These experts did it all, including helping to resolve highly complex tax implications. They also coordinated the sale of several old policies for an excellent price and then used those funds to purchase policies with approximately four times more coverage than the prior policies provided.
“The team has always been – and continues to be – highly responsive, extremely well informed, and most professional in every aspect of the process. I strongly recommend them without any reservation.”

Bruce Goodman

I engaged the professionals at PolicyAudits.com to ensure that I was meeting my fiduciary responsibilities as trustee of an insurance trust for one of my law firm's clients. The analysis discovered an obscure and serious shortcoming in the insurance policy owned by the trust, which was unknown by my client or me. Had this problem remained undetected it may have resulted in the coverage terminating prematurely. The team at PolicyAudits.com helped me fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities. More importantly, they helped my client secure coverage suitable for her family's needs.

Mary H. Schmidt, Esq.
Schmidt & Federico, P.C.

As second-generation owners of a working family farm we are all too familiar with the difficulties of continuing farming operations generation to generation. Life insurance has been a fundamental part of our plans for our family's future and a few years ago our insurance carriers increased the cost of coverage to an almost unmanageable level. For years, the experts at PolicyAudits.com have helped to manage our insurance policies and worked with our attorney and accountant to coordinate the coverage with our planning. When they learned of the cost increases, they once again helped us explore our options and take the correct actions for our needs. Because of their efforts we can confidently say that a third generation of our family will be able to continue to operate our farm for many years to come.

Mary Ann Jarvis & John Ebert
Owners, Springdale Family Farm